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In the streets and back alleys of Mondstadt, it is said that there is a girl in red, who holds an unparalleled treasure within the Knights of Favonius.

No matter where or when this girl appears, it's not long before everything goes up in flames.

What's more, as the aftermath of the explosions fades away, she disappears without a trace — there are few who have ever seen her face.

Amongst the swirling rumors, there are even those that go so far to say that she is the most powerful within the Knights of Favonius.

Though as far as Acting Grand Master Jean is concerned, using this power for such destruction simply means...

Solitary confinement's gonna need some upgrades!


Klee is a small elf-like little girl with pale skin and light red eyes. She has pale blonde hair tied in pigtails with a prominent cowlick and elf ears.

Klee wears a red coat with a darker red embellishment and keyhole shapes in the hem over a white dress and shorts, as well as a fluffy scarf with a pom-pom, gloves, knee socks, boots, and a brown messenger bag. Attached to this bag is Dodoco, a furry, woodland animal-shaped pom-pom made by her mother and her Pyro Vision. Klee wears a sizeable red newsboy cap with a pin featuring a clover insignia and two white feathers. Her outfit, Shooting Spark, is described as a set of clothing for an energetic child that even comes with a matching leather backpack.


Klee is an energetic and outgoing girl who takes after her mother, Alice. She has a particular talent for creating explosives and is not fazed by the sound of explosions. She adores anything that can blow up like her bombs, such as Amber's Baron Bunny. She acts like a typical energetic young child who loves playing with her friends. Unfortunately, her definition of playing usually involves explosives; she is particularly fond of "fish blasting", tossing bombs into lakes full of fish.

In part due to her young age, Klee can be very naïve at times and easily confused by topics she doesn't have any context for, such as mistaking Mondstadt's wine industry for a monster, and wondering why Diluc is always grumpy, even going as far as to call him the "weird grown-up".

While she's considered an official member of the Knights of Favonius, Klee's antics often get her into trouble. Like any child, she often tries to flee to avoid being reprimanded, but is eventually caught by Jean who sends her to solitary confinement to self-reflect. While she occasionally does try to do so, she almost always quickly forgets and instead uses the time to brainstorm new bombs and explosives.

Klee loves her fellow knights, and is well-loved by them in turn. She is particularly fond of Kaeya and Albedo. Whenever she heads out of the city to play, she always follows the "survival rules" which Kaeya gave her. Albedo, on the other hand, is an older brother figure who takes care of her. She loves her parents, although she hasn't seen them since they left her under the care of the Knights of Favonius while they travel.

She loves fluffy things and fish, but has an unusual aversion to crabs as she claims they take too long to deshell.


When the patrons of Mondstadt's taverns are asked about the strongest knight of the Knights of Favonius, three names are likely to come up:

The highly reputable Acting Grand Master Jean, Cavalry Captain Kaeya, and the mysterious tycoon, Diluc.

However, some claim to have witnessed, albeit through bleary, drunken eyes, a knight in red, leveling the entire Stormbearer Mountains.

If one wants to find this mysterious knight, then they need look no further than the solitary confinement cell inside the Knights of Favonius Headquarters.

If the cell is found vacant... then something explosively unfortunate is likely about to take place...

Klee is well known for the danger she presents. As an official member of the Knights of Favonius, her strength in combat cannot be underestimated.

As a hyperactive child, meanwhile, her destructive capabilities cannot be overstated.

After all, while other Mondstadt children her age are still playing with regular toys, Klee's favorite toys are... live explosives.