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Boom Boom Bakudan ! Isn't she adorable ? Still, despite being the embodiment of cuteness, Klee is one of the most underused DPS in the game.

There are several reasons to that. Klee isn't an easy character to play and she doesn't offer nearly as much damage as some other Pyro DPS (ex: Hu Tao or even Yoimiya). Even as a Pyro character, because of her high Pyro application she can't properly use Vaporize or Melt reactions. Although, there are still several possibilities for her to be used. She can work effectively in a Mono Pyro teams and can do a decent job in reaction based teams just like any other Pyro units. If you are a difficulty lover you may find joy in trying to master her gameplay.

Pros & Cons

  • Very strong Pyro application. She has a good poise damage and can break most shields very fast.
  • Has a good AoE and can help her team Energy regen.
  • As a Pyro DPS, she has access to several reaction based teams.
  • Can be support for certain nuke compositions at C2.
  • Lower damage ceiling than some other top tier DPS haracters.
  • Hard to play, especially for mobile players.
  • Very squishy if you don't have a shield for her.
  • Unable to make a proper use of Vaporize and Melt reactions.

Talent Priority

Normal Attack
Jumpy Dumpty
Jumpy Dumpty
Elemental Skill
Sparks 'n' Splash
Sparks 'n' Splash
Elemental Burst

Klee's Normal attacks have good multipliers but because of how their ICD works, she can't effectively vaporize or melt them. But it is still her biggest source of damage so raise it as a first priority. Her attacking speed is very slow so you should always cancel their end animations (ex: with a jump). That way you can maximize her damage output.

After performing some Normal attacks, her 1st passive will increase her next Charge attack DMG by 50% wihtout any stamina consumption. Her CAs count as heavy hits. They can break geo shield relatively fast and can also knock up some heavy creatures.

Klee throws a bomb which spreads around and deals AoE Pyro damage if enemies walk over it. It creates 4 to 5 particles upon casting and comes with 2 stacks. With this, she can also be a battery for her teammates. A good part of Klee's damage comes from this skill so raise it as your 2nd priority.

Noted that small bombs created by this skill don't stack, if you use it back to back, previous bombs will be replaced with new ones. Her little bombs can also be attracted all in one place with an Anemo crowd-control.

Klee summons Sparks 'n' Splash to deal continuous Pyro DMG to nearby enemies as long as she remains on field. If you switch to another character, the effect runs out immediately so you can't use her as an Off-field DPS. Splash attacks are AoE damages but its range is very small.


Chained Reactions

This constellation might seem like a good DPS increase at first glance but the additional sparks will make your Vaporize teams even more inconsistent. Outside of this fact, it is indeed a good upgrade. 

Explosive Frags

Getting hit by her Elemental Skill decreases enemies' DEF by 23%.  It turns her into a great nuke support for several teams. DEF% shred is extremely valuable because it doesn't share the same place with Elemental shred in the damage formula. On top of this, Klee can also hold TTDS and provide Pyro resonance. This is by far her best constellation and a good place to stop at.

Exquisite Compound

Adds 3 levels to her Elemental Skill. It is a classic level increase constellation and an ok addition for On-field DPS Klee.

Sparkly Explosion

If Klee leaves field during her Burst duration, she deals an additional 555% AoE DMG. While this doesn't change a lot for On-field DPS Klee, it is great if you take her C2 in count. Their synergy allows you to provide a DEF shred to your team on top of good damage.

Nova Burst

Adds 3 levels to her Elemental Burst. It is a classic level increase constellation and an ok addition for On-field DPS Klee.

Blazing Delight

This is a support constellation. Klee helps her team Energy regen even more and provides a nice DMG Boost to her Pyro teammates. Consider that her best team is Mono Pyro, this is a nice constellation to have. 

Recommended Stats

High priority
Medium priority
Low priority

Klee's artifacts substats priority. 

  • Klee doesn't have a Crit ascension which means your focus on Crits stats will be higher.
  • Elementary Mastery is important if you use Vaporize Klee. If you use her in a Mono Pyro team, then it doesn't matter.
  • Energy recharge should be enough for Klee to always have her Burst available. 


4Pyro Sword

Bennett is great with everyone in Teyvat. He provides a huge ATK bonus and a great healing. He will also give Pyro resonance to Klee and can battery her if you somehow have energy issue. He's a great option for every Klee's team compositions.

4Pyro Polearm

Xiangling's C6 gives a 15% Pyro DMG bonus and she can also decrease Pyro resistance with her E. On top of supporting Klee, her own damage is amazingly high. This duo works greatly together in a Mono Pyro team.

Kaedehara Kazuha
5Anemo Sword

Kazuha is an incredible Support for any mono teams. So he is naturally the first pick to support a Mono Pyro team. He can hold the 4p VV, buff Elemental DMG and provide crowd-control. 

Alternative: Venti.

4Hydro Sword

Even if Klee can't vaporize all her attacks, she still can vaporize a lot of them when played well, especially with a C6 Xingqiu. Using Xingqiu, even at C6, as the sole Hydro Enabler will see some inconsistency for her vaporization. You can add a 2nd Hydro (ex: Yelan, Mona or Kokomi) or use an Anemo Support to apply more Hydro. 

Alternative: Yelan. 

5Geo Polearm

Klee is a very squishy character on top of being hard to play. Using Zhongli with her will greatly help your gameplay with her as you won't need to worry about her getting hit and die. Zhongli's shield also offers an Elemental shred which is always good to take.